Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Feminism 101

I brought together this list of links for a friend, and thought I'd share it here. Others may find it useful, too.

Melissa at Shakesvilles: Helpful Hints for Dudes, Part 1 is a basic outline of what men should be doing when discussing feminism and women's lives.

Sara Beaulieu at The Enliven Project: The truth about false accusations has a breakdown of rape, accusations, convictions and false accusations stats.

Tigtog at Finally Feminism 101: This is the whole FAQ Roundup, but I also specifically recommend the sources below.

        Men can be feminists, too.
        Why saying "But men experience this, too!" is true, but generally unhelpful during discussions about feminist issues.
Feminism isn't sexist, merely trying to address an existing imbalance.

Phaedra Starling at Shapely Prose: Schrodinger's Rapist: Or a Guy's Guide to Approaching Strange Women Without Being Maced is the classic post about why women are (usually) uncomfortable talking to strange men in public.

Melissa: An Observation ties in with the link above, and clarifies that seeing men as potential rapists does not mean all men are rapists.

Cliff at The Pervocracy: We Are the 95% on why rape is not a "complicated" issue, and why most men will never rape (Spoiler: consent is pretty easy to figure out).

Melissa: Survivors are so Sensitive on why rape jokes are bad. Don't make them.

Melissa: The Terrible Bargain we have Regretfully Struck is an excellent, but scary/sad/painful, post about what the patriarchy does to relationships between men and women. I strongly recommend reading it with an open mind.

Melissa: Maybe One Day on why feminism is a male issue, too, and what men could be doing to help, but so rarely do.

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